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Early Registration

To earn early1 registration benefit, annually members must:

  1. Attend at least 4 club meetings per year and
  2. Perform one or more of the following service activities:

a. Serve on a committee.

b. Serve as an officer.

c. Sign up online & complete 2 days as a volunteer during trail work weekends or an event weekend.

Free Registration

To earn a free2 event registration benefit, for each event members must:

  1. Complete the above and during trail work weekends (i.e. trail work organized through website with sign up) or the event weekend perform one or more of the following service activities:

a. Serve as a crew leader3 or committee chair.

b. Sign up online & complete an additional 3 days (total of 54 days) of volunteer work.

c. Make other significant contributions to the club as determined by the elected officers.

Early/Free Details

1Only members who register online and work those volunteer slots will be offered early registration by email invite prior to the public registration.

2The credit for free registration is applied for use after the soonest upcoming event. E.g. Volunteer in May to prepare for Ride for Research and registration for the next Big Woods 200 is free. Volunteer in August to prepare for Big Woods 200 and registration for the next Ride for Research is free. Or accumulate the five volunteer days during a calendar year and you earn free registration in the next year’s RFR event. Officer’s discretion may be applied.

3Examples of crew leaders are Trail Crew leader, Onsite Event Coordinator, Sound Check leader, Sponsorship/raffle/auction leader, Garage leader, GPS/roll chart leader, Event Registration leader. This list will be periodically revised by the elected officers.

4Updated 07/24/2023 reduced total from 6 to 5 days.