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End of Paper Roll Chart Coming Soon

RFR 2024 is the last event that WDSR will provide a paper roll chart. This is our recommendation.

  1. Best option: Buy a Garmin or Trail Tech GPS.
  2. Alternate option: If you prefer an app on a smartphone over a Garmin/Trail Tech, acquire a second smartphone without a cellular service plan and install the GPS app using Wi-Fi.
  3. Do not use your primary smartphone on your offroad motorcycle. If you fall in a waterhole or lose it, the consequence of the loss is very high.

Are your software skills low, average, or high.

-Low: Buy a Garmin/Trailtech or second smartphone and install an app.

-Average: Learn the software on your computer that manages your navigation solution. Build your repository of tracks and routes.

-High: Buy both navigation solutions. Learn the computer software for both. Select to use the Garmin/Trail Tech or smartphone based on the circumstances.

You are strongly encouraged to use a GPS navigation solution for RFR 2024. WDSR will have volunteers to assist those people who need help.