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ADV Scouting, August 4-5, 2018
Loren Wahl
At least three of us are organized to ride Saturday and Sunday August 4-5. Other ADV type riders are invited. Lodging is offered. Destination is Pentoga bridge on the Brule River. Objective is to scout route and record GPS for WDSR's 2019 ADV event. Send me a private reply if you can join the ride. Or, Reply All for all to read. Loren Wahl
Loren Wahl
A note to members. If you did not receive this via email and if you are reading it online well past the first post on 7/23/18, then you have not 'opted-in' to receive forum messages via email. To stay informed modify your Forum Preferences so that you receive timely notices to your email inbox. This is highly relevant if you seldom logon to our WDSR club's website.

For the Aug 4-5 ride. We need to know you are coming so we can plan food and beds. Currently it is me and two others. Send a private reply if you can join. Loren
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