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2020 July MABDR
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One person, a retiree, told he may ride out & back. The rest of us intend to trailer. I anticipate some discussion about this during the 4pm-5pm social hour at the March 8, 2020 club meeting in Fond du lac. I’ll send an email a few days afterward to all who express interest. That email will share the firm ideas. And it will solicit suggestions. Maximum days=10 (Fri to Sun). Probably less.

Loren Wahl

Is the 5-7 days the time spent traveling the MABDR only? Travel time to and from the east coast being extra?

Of those considering this ride, are any of them not trailering their bike?


A few of us have begun planning . Departing on Friday July 17 or Friday July 24.  Any size bike that you can enjoy for 5-7 days. And on which you can carry all you need. Small is fine. Big is fine. Logistics and lodging will be planned after we know who/how many.

Loren Wahl
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