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Saturday 7/29 GPS Learning-ADV Scouting
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GPS track attached to this post.
Sounds like a good plan to me. I'll bring my 690. I'm pretty sure Alex Bub will be coming up as well.
JimM, I'm glad you can join. We need more ADV/BigBike riders to join us. Let's plan to meet in Mountain at an agreeable time. I propose 8am unless somebody proposes a different plan.

For 2017 BW200 SAT ADV I'll reference:
Track1=Wabeno to Mountain
Track2=Mountain to Lunch (chili in Silver Cliff)
Track3=Lunch to Wabeno

See the attachment to this post. On Saturday 7/22 I rode Track2 backward. On Saturday 7/29 we should ride Track1 from Mountain to Wabeno and the same route back to Mountain.

Track1 blends some CannonShot NWAT17 + '07/'08 WDSR ADV + CraigJ. Using Garmin Basecamp I did copy/paste to create the Track. I've never ridden it. We need to ride it to evaluate the suitability for ADV and to capture our own GPS tracks. It is 40 miles. Mountain to Wabeno and back to Mountain via the same route should require up to 4hrs. Then we'll eat at Schoolhouse Bar in Mountain.

On Saturday afternoon I'd like our group to ride the portion of Track2 from Mountain to Crooked Lake and back to Mountain. This day is a ride/gps capture day. But because I rode Track2 on Sat 7/22, I know it has some down trees on the trail. They are in the sections indicated in red on the map attached to this post. I'll have my chainsaw. I'd like our group to stop enough to remove the trees which obstruct.

Track2 is mostly Cannonshot's NWAT1. The two-track roads have an obvious motorcycle track lightly developed down the middle. It shows people are downloading his tracks and riding that section. I doubt any of those riders will return to clear the fallen trees. WDSR should do that work. I feel in some way obligated to Cannonshot to maintain that specific trail since it is in WDSR's operating region. Maybe someday it will become a recognized Dual Sport route and WDSR will receive grant money to maintain it!.

This is the ADV route so bring your big bikes. Except me. The BMW G650x Challenge breathed its last breath. It is being parted out. So this weekend I'll be on my spare bike, the little Yamaha XT225.
I can make it.
I'm inviting other club members interested in the Adventure route to join me on Saturday, July 29 for a ride. The focus will be to capture GPS tracks. That can't happen unless we go and RIDE!
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