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I headed out there right away this morning in hopes of beating the rush ;) on this fine Saturday in January, and was completely successful in that! It really wasn't very cold out, but that wind was relentless and had quite the bite to it. I had a blast ripping around in the snow on the trails that often looked like luge troughs!

Thanks Alex for opening up your property to the group members. I moved a few small trees off the trails, but there are a couple more that need a saw. If you ever need help or have a work day on your property, let us know.

Here is a short clip I snapped while riding around.

It looks like they have a few photos on their website.

I haven't been there myself, but I would think the majority of the trails are entry level difficulty given their class structure.

Alex, would there be any issue riding the weekend of Thanksgiving in regards to the gun deer season? I'm not a hunter and always feel stuck at home this weekend because the "outdoors" are taken over by the hunters. This is NOT a complaint, they get one week a year for their hobby and I understand that ;)

Thanks for offering this out to club members as an option for riding. Can you post some photos or share more details on type of trail difficulty to expect? Thanks!

Wisconsin Off Road Adventures in Random Lake has opened its 4 miles of trails to WDSR members for riding their dirt bikes and ATVs. We have both twisty single track as well as some wider trails for ATV and dirt bikes. There is a kiosk at the top of the driveway, please sign a release if you have never been here before. We keep them on file so you only need to do that once.

Trails are two way so that makes 8 miles of trails.

No charge for riding but donations for trail maintenance is always welcome. Leave at the kiosk. This is NOT a public riding area but if you do not want to ride alone for safety reasons you can bring a friend. We normally use the trails for our MSF dirt bike schools, see our web site if you are interested and want directions to the property.

Make sure your vehicle passes the 96 dBA stationary sound test so we keep our neighbors happy.

Alex Bub

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